Optamize is a human resources development service and official social enterprise founded by Parag Shah.

We are in the Olympic zone of Stratford in London. Optamize is a service of a Art Buffet CIC, a registered and regulated Community Interest Company (CIC). That’s how you can know and check we stay true to our social aims.

Optamize gets your workforce switched on with superior decision making skills for awesome results.

They say keep emotions out of business. The truth is that nobody ever achieved that; emotions always appear. Still, many organisations try to do this; limiting the workforce to thinking with only logic, rationality and data.

At Optamize we recognize this is artificial. We say "Acknowledge the role and power of emotions and ensure your workforce knows how to manage them. We train the range of emotional intelligence skills (EQ) and how to combine this with IQ skills.

Would you want your organisation to compete without a right arm?

Then why restrict your workforce to making decisions using only half of the brain? Empower your workforce to use their total mind power.

Optamize your organisation's decision making.

Our Mission

Enable more use of emotional intelligence including situation awareness, pattern recognition and intuition in corporate decision-making for superior outcomes in a more balanced society. 

Founder, Dr Parag Shah - Parag is from London in the UK where he founded the Optamize mission over 10 years ago. He trained and practiced as a doctor of medicine; it is here in the healthcare sector where he observed the extent to which emotional intelligence skills were getting dominated by logical and rational IQ-based thinking, with poor outcomes in the health sector. His MBA from Imperial College, London enabled him to recognize the prevalence of this phenomenon pervading corporate culture generally. As a physician, his experience ranges from casualty work to corporate responsibility for thousands of employees’ health. With an MBA from Imperial College, London he has previous successful start up experience as an entrepreneur in health information new media production. UK private health groups sought his business consultancy in entrepreneurship for their nationwide ventures and more recently he has been invited to teach entrepreneurship in several top universities. He has an ’artistic streak’. He plays bass and piano in a band and has written songs, which have been aired on TV across Europe in the 90's, which led him into video and media production and presenting for broadcast TV, internet and 3G telecoms. As such his career experience spans three sectors. His breadth of experience is the strength, which underpins his insights and vision and seeded his thinking behind Optamize.


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