Morgan Sindall

Like many companies, Morgan Sindall Investments faced numerous problems to source artwork.

They wanted to avoid commitment of purchased artwork and the risk of wasted sunk cost, given they were unsure of what they wanted and risk "if they were going to get fed up with it" says Coralie Geneve of Morgan Sindall.

The social enterprise Optamize (also called Art-Switch) fixes this problem.  Optamize enabled staff to vote for original fine artwork, which they can borrow, discuss and switch at will. This means corporate image is never compromised while they can keep refreshing the space.

Combined with Optamize's EQUIP programme for practicing emotional intelligence skills, enjoying art in this way has had a very positive effect on staff morale. Excitement to see the new art is always high when new artwork comes in.

"We had a big reception about six months ago and for that we wanted fresh paintings as well and so we switched just for that occasion" says Coralie.

As reported in FT Wealth magazine (Spring 2008), "most bankers worry that the art market is opaque, illiquid and unpredictable." Indeed many are instinctively aware that the art market is very risky and can even be a dirty business - art market professionals and consultants keep it this way as it plays to their advantage.

Through democracy, the innovative Optamize service puts importance on the emotions of the individuals in a company rather than the opinions of the Board and art consultants; and with that comes emotional intelligence, superior decisions and awesome results.

Click here to watch this Reuters TV news bulletin about the art switching service from Optamize