Imperial College students & staff vote to choose artworks to switch 

Ranked 5th in the world, Imperial College University has 12,129 students and just over 1080 staff. Choosing artwork, which enhances the institutional image but is also an inspiration to those who work in the space was always going to be a challenge. Indeed, until joining Optamize, the college had suffered many years without artwork due to ongoing differences of opinion and taste amongst faculty members. 

With Optamize’s voting service, Imperial overcame this problem by letting all those interested in artwork to vote for their choice. Optamize runs an easy, secure and seamless electronic voting system enabling institutions to let their important people, VIPs and staff choose what inspires them. This can be done for the whole organisation or select groups such as departments. Voting can occur as many or few times as desired so that all can take turns to refresh their shared spaces.

There’s no hassle for the organisation, Optamize does it all. And if ever an artwork is too challenging, there's always an option to switch. It’s democracy for art enjoyment.

"Thanks... another smooth vote, everyone enjoyed taking part... The [foyer] art has been a big success and the Board are now interested in art in the office space. We have had very positive response to all of the art-work... we're very pleased with the service" says A. Edes Facilities Manager of Imperial College - Tanaka Business School.