We take your workforce through a continuous training program, at your office with minimum impact on work time.

Module 1: EQuIP your staff

  • Your workforce train and practice these skills
    • Emotional intelligence for better people management, workforce engagement and cohesion
    • Intuition – for better ideas and solutions through exercising the creative part of mind
    • Pattern recognition – to see the bigger picture including people’s emotions
    • Situation awareness - to speed ability to see all decision options and know what to do
  • Hosted online & offline: seminars, webinars and group sessions
  • Builds awareness about the power of situation awareness, pattern recognition, intuition and emotional intelligence skills
  • Provides scores and feedback for individuals and groups
  • Self study and group study.
  • Timed interactive learning games and quizzes
  • A fun e-learning environment enabling learning through play
  • To turn data into insight by combining EQ skills with IQ skills.
  • Sustained superior loyalty, motivation and productivity of your workforce
  • Open facilitated discussion to reveal emotional reasons for voting which continues outside work.

Module 2: ELECT EQ

An ongoing action learning activity for yourworkforce to practice intuition and emotional intelligence skills without impacting work time.

Emotion is the currency of art so use art to represent emotions. This is how we do it:

  1. Select a set of emotions to read, explore and learn to manage
  2. Your people democratically vote for art which reflects the emotions
  3. We deliver the selected art to stay at your premises up to 90 days
  4. At day 1 and day 90: We provide 'safe space' hosted sessions online or offlineusing art as a tool for your people to explore the evolution of their own andcolleagues emotions relating to the art and how to manage these emotions,through frank, courageous dialogue.

Goback to step 1 and repeat - let's wake up the other half of the brain and get it going.