Dear Artists:

If you're reading this, the chances are you're not yet one of our artists but have been pointed in our direction and are thinking about getting involved. Perhaps you have encountered businesses claiming to be a wonderful new opportunity before... only to be let down or cheated. So we want to be explicit in explaining a couple of things about ourselves.

We at Optamize are very aware that your artwork is your expression, your communication, your truth. We understand that you choose the medium of visual imagery in preference to other 'mediums' (such as words) that may be inadequate. Some of you prefer working in isolation, whilst for others a connection with your audience or their response may also be important. Yet so many artists often find that society can fail to appropriately interact with their work, often misunderstanding it.

What to do? Fundamentally, until now you have had a stark choice:

Either abandon your true expression and tailor your offering to what appears to be consumer taste trends (on the advice of a 'mass retailer')


Stay true to your honest artistic expression; seek out those within the commercial art establishment who may understand your work, in the hope that they will correctly and fairly sift you out from the chaff.

But in either case you pay a price. With the former, the art establishment may well shun you. With the latter, to further your career, you must competently engage in their games and politics. Talent and creativity may not be enough:

    • Network to know the 'right' people and 'manage' what they think of you and your work.
    • Only display your art work in the right places - strive to position your work alongside the work of other artists who have the critical acclaim of those 'right' people.
    • There are circles in which to be seen and circles in which not to be seen.
    • Be wary of association with 'mass retailers' because the commercial art establishment consider them caterers for those who supposedly "don't know anything about art."


Sound familiar? Games without a level playing field! Well, these same rules, games and politics also keep the stakes too high for so many others to freely enjoy and explore art - obstructing them from knowing everything that they could know about art. Where is it possible for viewers to experiment with their taste? Where is it possible to make inexperienced choices and repeatedly change your mind without penalty? Ultimately, aren't such freedoms the fastest, most fun and natural way to build confidence, knowledge and understanding?

These freedoms are what Optamize offers its customers and they represent an opportunity for artists to BREAK OUT of the games and the vicious circle. We invite you to take a look around our website and see what it's all about. See what our customers are buying from us and understand that this is their choice. Join us and you will join a system that enables many more people to begin to appreciate your work. Don't let yourself believe people can't or don't want to - that's a myth.

And where does all this end? With more people knowledgeably and confidently enjoying art? A bigger audience? Freedom from games and politics? Freedom from the day job? Not to mention the genuinely new sources of regular income!

You now have a third option. Don't be afraid to take it. It's a journey...come with us.

Sincerely yours,

The Optamize Team

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